About me

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About me

I have been playing the Irish harp from the age of eight and have gained over twenty years’ experience playing for various occasions throughout Yorkshire and Lancashire. I have competed at music festivals in Britain and Ireland and won much commendation, and held the All Britain Harp title in all age ranges.

I create in my playing a gentle presence and quiet dignity, which together with my friendly smile blend well with the spirit of my music.

The sound of the Irish harp can lend itself to a wedding in a memorable way. On that special day my harp playing can be a wonderful complement to the colour, the excitement and the joy of the loving encounter which is the marriage rite.

I play my harp at events such as dinner parties; cocktails; birthdays; anniversaries; memorial events; concerts; receptions; reunions; funerals and corporate events, these events can all be graced by the gentle sound of accomplished harp music.

Whatever the occasion, I always try to complement it with that extra special mood and

flavour that only lovely harp music can evoke.

You can listen to a selection of my music on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/berni-byrne